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I Graduated College and Will be In Debt Until I Die

March 14, 2012

I Graduated College and Will be In Debt Until I Die

(How Do I Manage My Student Loan Debt?)

One of the biggest questions we get in the law firm involves student loan debt.   The scenarios may change but the basic premise is usually the same: I am behind on my student loan payments.  Collectors are calling me demanding unaffordable payments.  The scenario is so common that in a recent episode of Two Broke Girls that dealt with one of the main character’s debt problems, one of the debts was a student loan debt.   The student loan was unpaid and had been for years, according the storyline, and there was constant comments about how the student loan wasn’t going to ever go away.

While the thought of debt that lasts forever was designed to bring laughter to the viewers, the sad reality is that there are too many people in this country for whom this is no laughing matter.   They wake up each up and every day stressed about how they are going to pay their student loans.  Paying off their student loans will take longer than paying off a mortgage on a house and there is virtually no information out there on how to actually pay off your student loans or to deal with student loan debt collectors.

For this reason, I am excited and proud that we have started a full-time student loan department.  The department is headed by Joshua Cohen, who is known as “The Student Loan Lawyer.”  Joshua has spent the last 3 years dealing with a variety of student loan issues on behalf of clients and has seen first- hand the problems that many clients face.   To the best of my knowledge, the Law Offices of Craig Zimmerman is the first law firm in the United States that has a full-time dedicated department dedicated to student loan law.

I think that there needs to be a lot more lawyers helping student loan borrowers and that, overall there needs to be a lot more discussion over the student loan problem in this country.   Each and every year, there are thousands, if not millions, of students who enter college without a true understanding of the amount and the terms of the debt that they are taking on. Hope springs eternal that the job market will be better and that their student loan payments will be manageable.  Too often, this is not case.   Even with decent employment, the staggering amount of student loan debt is, at times, unmanageable.

I want to hear from those who are having troubles managing their student debt.  Email me your situation at czimmerman@craigzlaw.comand let’s see what can be done.

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